Reading isn’t doing

This is one of those truths I wish coaches would just tell their clients. Reading isn’t doing.   It isn’t.  Coaches write all types of blog posts on their websites and articles for other publications.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that.  But what I find irritating is that in order to drive […]

On Men

I like Idris Elba.  If you have seen The Wire you’ll know who he is.  I am halfway through his new BBC series Luther.  He plays a good guy in this one, albeit one who is prone to rumination and angst about how to reconcile criminality, evil and the law.  I seem to like characters like this…Men that save the […]

On books

Growing up I was a voracious reader of books. I read a lot now, but somehow can’t focus when I’m reading a book. I want to be able to read books again like I used to when I was a kid.