Reading isn’t doing

This is one of those truths I wish coaches would just tell their clients.

Reading isn’t doing.  

It isn’t.  Coaches write all types of blog posts on their websites and articles for other publications.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that.  But what I find irritating is that in order to drive traffic to their websites (meaning in order for coaches to get noticed, get hired and make money) they write these posts and newsletters.  But here is the thing:

You do not need any of those words.  

The coaches?  They need you.  They need you to stop by their websites and read their words.  They need you to buy into them as a necessary commodity.  In my experience most of the time the posts I’ve read written by coaches, their newsletters, their articles are just another old idea rehashed or expanded on in explanation, i.e. something you’ve probably heard before.  All that time you’re spending reading that self-help book or that self-help guru’s website isn’t doing.  You can easily argue that it means you’re doing something.  But I would be willing to bet that people spend more hours reading all this pop psychology than actually taking any action that directly impacts whatever they want to create or change in their lives.  It is akin to how Carol Tavris said in The Mismeasure of Woman that women think talking about a problem they are having is doing something about the problem.  But the blunt truth is that talking to a friend about a problem you’re experiencing isn’t actually directly working on that issue.  Can talking to someone else be helpful?  Absolutely.  But the distinction I’m pointing out here is that there is a difference, a pronounced one, between talking and taking actual action.  Of course reading can be a form of research or education, but reading can also be a way to avoid actually doing something.  What’s the point of that?


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